Book of the day: Shifting Baselines of Europe

Anyone interested in survival in today’s Europe, should read this book.” Srecko Horvat, Philosopher, DiEM25 This is the press release for European Alternative’s recently published Shifting Baselines of Europe. It’s a very readable tome which includes, among many outstanding contributions, an edited version of my interview with Ahora Madrid’s heads of Citizen Participation and Transparency…. Continue reading

Cooperatives recognised in EU’s future on collaborative economy

Reposted from Cooperatives UK, regarding the EU’s “European Agenda for the collaborative economy“. Over the last year we have curated a series of critical commentaries on the initial resolution. Cooperatives Europe commends the ’s recognition of the growing interest for the cooperative model in the collaborative economy. This positioning sends a positive signal towards actors… Continue reading

Die Zeit: “You’re fired!”

This post by Steven Hill was originally published on Recently I was having a pleasant conversation in Berlin with a highly-regarded professor and former university president when the conversation turned unexpectedly disagreeable. We hit an impasse as we discussed the impact of new digital technologies on society and the economy, specifically the impact on… Continue reading

The sustainable city of the twentyfirst century

By Pål Steigan. (Journal of Urban Culture Research – Chulalongkorn University Bangkok Thailand) The rapid urbanization of the world’s population over the twentieth century is described in the 2005 Revision of the UN World Urbanization Prospects report. The global proportion of urban population rose dramatically from 13% (220 million) in 1900, to 29% (732 million)… Continue reading

Flint: Enclosure of the Water Commons

The Flint water crisis is back in the national news. Over 8,000 Flint residents now face tax liens on their homes for unpaid water bills after May 19th, and are faced with the possibility of losing their homes if they don’t pay the total amount in arrears. This follows last month’s mass water cutoffs for residences with unpaid bills…. Continue reading

Meet g0v, the Open-source, Digital Community Transforming Democracy in Taiwan

Nithin Coca: In 2014, a digital-driven movement emerged in Taiwan that challenged the former ruling party Kuomintang’s move to fast-track the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement. The members of the movement felt the trade deal between China and Taiwan would impinge on Taiwan’s sovereignty. The Sunflower Movement, a youth-driven, tech-savvy, cross-sectoral coalition, occupied the Taiwanese Parliament for more than three weeks. To the surprise of… Continue reading

Decisive vote on European Community Networks

Some notes on the European Electronic Communications Code, before the decisive votes take place in European Parliament by the netCommons team.  In February, European Community Networks (CNs) and supporting organisations have expressed their concerns about the upcoming “European Electronic Communications Code” in an open letter sent to EU policy-makers. The European Parliament will soon have… Continue reading

Blockchain and value systems in the sharing economy: The illustrative case of Backfeed

A new paper titled: “Blockchain and value systems in the sharing economy: The illustrative case of Backfeed ” has been published in Technological Forecasting & Social Change. The article has been co-authored by Alex Pazaitis, Primavera De Filippi and Vasilis Kostakis. Abstract: This article explores the potential of blockchain technology in enabling a new system… Continue reading