Countering the Fabrication Divide: The Third Digital Revolution and Class, Race, Gender and Ecological Limitations

By Kali Akuno and Gyasi Williams, for Cooperation Jackson and the Community Production Cooperative: The Third Digital Revolution[1], a revolution in cyber-physical integration and personal fabrication, is changing the world, and changing humanity, culturally and physically, in the process. The Third Digital Revolution is marked by technological and knowledge breakthroughs that build on the first two… Continue reading

Toward an Ethical ICO

It’s the wild west out there, folks! Every week new ICOs are riding the wave of the crypto craze. Billions of dollars worth of investments this year… Yet many don’t know about the darker dynamics fueling the process. Why is so much flowing into these offerings? Could it be that exchanges can’t cash out the… Continue reading

Book of the Day: General Theory of the Precariat

Alex Foti, General Theory of the Precariat—Great Recession, Revolution, Reaction, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2017. (Free download) Description “From the fast-food industry to the sharing economy, precarious work has become the norm in contemporary capitalism, like the anti-globalization movement predicted it would. . It investigates the political economy of precarity and the historical sociology… Continue reading

Why do we need a contribution accounting system?

This article was first published on 3 January 2014 and last modified on 8 January 2018 ……………………………………………………………. NOTE: Before 2017 SENSORICA used the expression ”value accounting system”. The current expression in use is ”contribution accounting system”. See more on the OVN wiki. The origin of this modification is a redefinition of value, inspired by Tibi’s essay ”Scale… Continue reading

Social Ecology: Communalism against Climate Chaos

Brian Tokar: Since the 1960s, the theory and praxis of social ecology have helped guide efforts to articulate a radical, counter-systemic ecological outlook with a goal of transforming society’s relationship to non-human nature. For many decades, social ecologists have articulated a fundamental ecological critique of capitalism and the state, and proposed an alternative vision of empowered… Continue reading