Greece: Alternative Economies & Community Currencies Pt. 2 – Kenya’s Sarafu-Credit

Second of a three part series, Niko Georgiades takes on a journey through Greece’s post-capitalist alt. economy, this time by way of Kenya. Originally published in Unicorn Riot Ninja. Niko Georgiades: Athens, Greece – Experimenting with alternatives to capitalism has continued to become more popular as huge wealth divides devour chances of relieving poverty across the… Continue reading

Barrio Solar: Solar Power for Puerto Rico

Hazel Henderson alerted us to this worthy campaign coming out of Puerto Rico. Reposted from the Barrio Solar Crowdfund page. On the subject of Puerto Rico’s energy grid, also don’t miss this reaction to Elon Musk’s white-saviour bro-capitalist solutions. BARRIO SOLAR was created on September 21st, the day after Hurricane Maria devastated the island nation of… Continue reading

FairCoop Activates Open Coop Work

The latest blog post from the FairCoop project – of which [disclaimer] I am an active member – shows the adoption by the project of the Open Collaborative Platform software, itself a fork of the Open Value Network software originally developed by Bob Haugen and Lynn Foster in collaboration with the Sensorica open hardware enterprise…. Continue reading

Barcelona’s Decidim Offers Open-Source Platform for Participatory Democracy Projects

Kevin Stark: The word Decidim translated from Catalan means we decide, and it’s the name of Barcelona’s digital infrastructure for participatory democracy. One part functional database and one part political statement, organizers say Decidim is key to a broad digital transformation that is taking place in Barcelona — its institutions, markets, and economy. Organized by the Barcelona City… Continue reading

Patterns of Commoning: Commoning in Times of Disaster – The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Kate Chapman: Just a few hours after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti in January 2010, a group of collaborators from the OpenStreetMap community began collecting all sorts of topographical data about the country – roads, towns, hospitals, government buildings. Within forty-eight hours high-resolution satellite imagery taken after the earthquake became available, and within a month… Continue reading

Community economic development: lessons from two years action research

This report summarises the lessons learned from a two year nationwide action research programme of Community Economic Development (CED). It will be of practical interest to communities thinking about their local economies and policymakers tasked with fostering a more inclusive economy, locally and nationally. Unlike conventional approaches to local economic development, which centre on economic… Continue reading

Book of the day: The Community Resilience Reader: Essential Resources for an Era of Upheaval

Humanity faces multiple sustainability crises in the 21st century, particularly with regard to the environment, energy, the economy, and equity—the “E4” crises. In this reader we’ve brought together leading scholars, scientists, and activists to explore: the depth and complexity of the challenges modern industrial society faces in the 21st century; the history and science behind… Continue reading